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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
2 May 2018

Sector Focus: Pharmaceutical

Maxpack Palettes
Safe, Secure and Cost-Effective

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most stringently regulated in the UK and the rest of the world, leaving no room for error. The industry’s high overheads and zero tolerance for mistakes means that the packaging selected to transport pharmaceutical goods should be safe, secure and cost-effective. It may be a demanding industry but by executing best practices across the board, companies are able to take a bite out of this highly profitable pie.

Plastic Pallets

The use of pallets should allow for a rapid, cost-effective and safe way of transporting goods. Selecting the correct material can have a direct impact on the quality of a company’s products. One way to ensure your packaging meets the standards set out by government and other leading bodies is through the selection of plastic pallets.

Quality Control

Securing a sanitary environment is fundamental for the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products. Companies that do not include pallets as part of their quality control programmes risk facing product recalls which can become a huge financial burden in the long-term. Big players in the pharmaceutical market such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer have both had to issue product recalls in the past due to contamination of their products caused by wooden pallets.

Keeping It Clean

Wooden pallets can have a detrimental effect on the sanitary condition of their contents as wood naturally absorbs its surroundings and when exposed to the elements, pallets are likely to absorb water. This can lead to rot and infestation. These are all issues that can be avoided through the use of plastic pallets that offer a smooth surface which can be cleaned thoroughly between usage.

Risk of contamination is significantly reduced when using plastic pallets, as insects and pests cannot live inside it as they can with wood. Plastic also does not require the use of chemicals that wood does to treat and preserve it. Wood often tends to splinter and this, paired with the risk of protruding nails, can result in damage to tamper proof packaging which can be a significant cost to a business. Plastic Pallets also reduce the potential health and safety risks associated with wooden pallets reducing staff absence and associated costs.

Rapid Delivery

As many pharmaceutical companies ship their products overseas, it is important to consider the fact that wooden pallets are required to be checked, heat-treated and must conform to the relevant ISPM measures before international shipping. Checks that are required upon arrival at a port or border run the risk of slowing down a delivery. Plastic, on the other hand, is manufactured and used across the world and does not have to undergo any of these checks.

Saving You Money

Another challenge that pharmaceutical companies face is ensuring that they keep their overhead costs at a minimum. This means that using cost-effective packaging solutions is a must. Although wooden pallets often have a lower purchase price, they do not offer the same long-term quality that plastic does. Plastic pallets can be reused time after time and over the product life are the most economical solution suitable for transporting materials in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer strong and durable qualities with very low maintenance in comparison to wood, allowing companies to save on their overheads through a reliable and sustainable design. There is also the consideration of the financial impact that a potential product recall could have on the company if the products become contaminated.

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