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Sales & Support: 01743 242 900
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Revolutionise your stapling process! This is the fastest battery stapling tool in the world firing up to 5 staples per second. All this without the encumbrance of a power cord or pneumatic air line.

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Pallet Bandz are Large Rubber Bands that are the perfect product for use in your warehouse facilities. If, like so many companies today, you are always looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint while improving the efficiency of your warehouse operations and reducing costs, Pallet Bandz enable you to do just that!

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Environmentally friendly molded pulp packaging. Pulp molded products are made from 100% recycled paper and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Uniform Semi-Automatic Wat Case Sealer. It is widely acknowledged that a case sealed with water- activated tape has the most secure closure. Now, closing cartons with water-activated tape can be faster and easier than ever before.

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HörnPac is an adaptable packaging system for pictures with or without ornamental frames. The HörnPac corner- and sidepieces slide into each other and are tied to the packaged painting with stretch film, hook-and-loop strap or strapping band.


Pallet Wrapz® are an eco-friendly reusable alternative to plastic stretch film made of heavy duty ventilated and breathable mesh or opaque vinyl. Get in touch and see how you can order these today.

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Are you fed up with plastic shrink wrap and disposable costs? P.C. Net™ is a more robust and secure alternative to securing your product onto pallets.

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Paper straps made of 100% recyclable material.

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The FillPak SL allows the operator to fill packages quickly and effectively while maintaining sole focus on the filling process. Available now!


Geami WrapPak® ExBox is a self contained, disposable and recyclable combination of die cut kraft paper and tissue interleaf that in combination is used to cushion and protect fragile items during shipment.

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PaperTEK 818 is 60gsm paper with a good quality long lasting adhesive that can be used for a variety of applications. Unlike gummed paper tape, Eco15 is ready to apply and can be used to seal boxes very effectively.

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Systems & Equipment

Time to revolutionise your stapling process

This is the fastest battery stapling tool in the world firing up to 5 staples per second. All this without the encumbrance of a power cord or pneumatic air line.

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Protective Wrapping

Extra edge protection with Kornerguard™

Used to help protect loads under stretch film or strapping Kornerguard™ works hard at stabilising and reinforcing pallet loads during transit and storage. Manufactured in a range of thickness to suit your needs.

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Packing & Despatch Equipment

Robust, reusable and secure pallet nets

PalletNetz® are a reusable and robust alternative to securing your product onto pallets, removing the need for shrink wrap and ongoing disposable costs.

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Protective Wrapping & Void Fill

Ranpak paper packaging protection

Since 1972, Ranpak have become experts in the paper packaging industry, delivering the highest quality of protective packaging while preserving their commitment to sustainability.

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Industrial Packaging Customisation

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Packaging Systems

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Stock Management

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