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Sales & Support: 01743 242 900
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Protective Wrapping

Get high quality edge protection with Kornerguard™

Used to help protect loads under stretch film or strapping Kornerguard™ works hard at stabilising and reinforcing pallet loads during transit and storage. Manufactured in a range of thickness to suit your needs.

Kornerguard™ Benefits

Reduce Transport Costs

Reduce Delivery Rejections

Save Time & Space

Reduce Complaints

100% Recyclable Paper

Wrap Around

Protect any shape of product during shipment, handling and storage.

Large Application

Stacking strength and protection for demanding conditions.

Corner Locks

Easy storage and assembly for multipurpose use applications.

U-Profile Channel

The perfect ‘shock absorber’ for your products in transit or storage.

Industrial Packaging Customisation

Increase Performance

Packaging Systems

Increase Output

Stock Management

Increase Efficiency