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Geami, The Perfect Alternative To Bubble Wrap

When in transit, your products need protection against scratching, surface abrasion and minor mis-handling incidents.

The Geami WrapPak Exbox Mini converts environmentally friendly paper into packaging that offers excellent protection for your products during shipping, it reduces overall packaging costs and a single paper system is equivalent to three 50m x 50cm bubble wrap rolls.

Geami WrapPak is a two layer system combination, the outer layer is die cut kraft paper whilst the inner is a tissue interleaf paper. The converter expands the die cut paper into a 3D honeycomb structure that provides a unique wrapping solution, by locking the angled cells together, items are firmly wrapped and no tape is needed.

Space saving, its small footprint ensures it can be conveniently placed anywhere, be it on a packing workspace or at a cash desk and its easy-tear functionality means no scissors are required to package the items. Furthermore, the Geami WrapPak ExBox Mini is a manual system so it does not require electricity.

The outer die cut paper comes in two colours, white or an organic brown, whilst the tissue paper comes in a range of colours to suit your brand.

A sustainable alternative to foam or bubble wrap the WrapPak systems are 100% recyclable, biodegradeable and are a simple and attractive eco-friendly wrapping solution.

A delight for your customer to unpack, WrapPak provides frustration-free packaging from start to finish.

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