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Helping Holland & Barrett Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging

Problem: Considerable demand for more environmentally friendly packaging from the consumer.

The consumer has the expectation now that manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and fulfilment warehouses will be looking to both optimise packaging and also replace plastic based packaging with eco-friendly materials or materials with longer life-cycle or reusability.

One product that is coming under the spotlight is the sealing tape for cartons. The eco-friendly alternative solution to traditional self-adhesive polypropylene tape is Gummed Paper Tape or Wet Tape. The method for applying Wet Tape are considerable different to PP tapes.

A number of questions come up, including…

It is more expensive per metre than std pp tape, can I use less?
Will it not take longer to seal the cartons?
We don’t have enough space on our packing bench’s
Tape is applied to the carton whilst still wet, isn’t this going to be messy?
Who will train our staff on how to use the machines?
How will we finance the dispensers?

The good news is that we have helped many customers answer these questions, enabling them to make the necessary switch to Gummed Paper Tape or Wet Tape.

Holland and Barratt was one of the most recent customers we helped switch. This was achieved by…

Reducing the amount of tape used to seal cartons. This enabled a cost saving and sped up the process.

Reducing the risk of pilferage due to fully secure, tamper evident seal.

Programming the dispenser in a way to enable correct length outputs, minimising mess.

Designing and installing a simple extension to the existing packing benches to house the dispenser and ensure operational ease.

Providing on-site training on operating and maintaining the dispensers and best practice for tape application.

Providing a cost analysis that showed how the dispensers paid themselves off over a period of time.

Together, let's make packing better.

Holland and Barrett has already made the switch to brown paper tape, Shop Paper Tape to join them or get in touch to see how Maxpack can make your business more eco-friendly today.

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