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Introducing: EduPOD Learn, Play, Colour, Create®

The EduPOD, made from strong and robust corrugated cardboard, is an ideal item that gives children their own dedicated space to play and learn.

Children only get one start and it’s a collective responsibility to ensure that we can give them the best start possible. Our innovation and design teams have been thoroughly researching how children learn and develop, and what the best environments are for continued growth.

The EduPOD is a fun, environmentally friendly space designed and researched around children to provide them with a dedicated space for learning and development. Made from strong and robust corrugated cardboard, it features rounded edges and a neutral Kraft colour – matching the preferences of children.

The EduPOD gives children a chance to be creative, and express themselves.

Designed to support and enhance children’s learning, the EduPOD gives children a dedicated area to learn and develop vital skills. Developing and maintaining routines has been proven to positively affect children’s eating and sleeping habits. The EduPOD is designed to give children their own dedicated space to learn and develop.

Ideal for: 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Child’s Play Area
  • Nurseries & Childcare
  • Pre-School
  • Home Learning
  • Reading Corner
Our team have worked hard researching the best ways in which children learn and develop. The EduPOD has been designed to provide children with a fun and dedicated space to aid their growth.
Steve Maxim
Business Development

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