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The Ranpak PadPak® Guardian

Introducing the new PadPak® Guardian, brought to you by Ranpak

Effective, fast and simple Void-Fill solutions are often hard to come by, and the Ranpak PadPak® Guardian offers all of that and more. The PadPak® Guardian allows users to replace plastic packaging with a range of virgin and recycled paper materials, meeting a wide range of customer requirements. Paper Packaging is not only environmentally friendlier than plastic options such as bubble wrap, but it is also more cost-effective.


Compact, fast, and simple to operate.

From automotive to e-commerce, PadPak® Guardian’s pads will cushion light or heavy items, from glass vases through to electrical motors. A single pad will cushion sides and corners, or packaging can be rolled into a coil. The PadPak® Guardian simplifies packaging, combining multiple benefits of previous systems into one converter while reducing its physical footprint significantly at the same time.

A 7″ detachable touchscreen allows for easy maneuverability and adjustable working angles, making the PadPak® Guardian easy and quick to operate.

Benefits of PadPak® Guardian:

  • Excellent product protection
  • Reduced Operation Costs
  • Sustainable & Recyclable Materials
  • Compact & Easily Adjusted
PadPak® Guardian™ is the sustainable, compact, fast and simple answer to many of your protective packaging needs

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