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The Benefits of Multi-Site Stock Management

Multi-Site Stock Management can often be an overlooked solution when it comes to packaging systems, with many companies unaware of the benefits it can bring to operations.

When a company wants to streamline their packaging process, it can often be for many reasons. Reducing costs, reducing holding stock and lead times can often play a big part in a company deciding to improve the way in which they operate.

The solution isn’t always easy to find, especially in large companies that may have a number of different processes and departments within their organisation.


We recently had a company ask us how they could improve their corrugated packaging systems.

They were buying a range of corrugated boxes and were having to wait two weeks plus lead time. In busy periods this lead time was extended. The unpredictable lead time meant they were often finding themselves running out of stock and without a means of shipping orders.

We were able to implement our Maxpack DFSM system that ensured all boxes were stocked and ran with an automatic reorder level. This ensured that our customer no-longer had to worry about lead times as they had next-day delivery. Because of this implementation, production MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) were no longer an issue, which allowed for space in their warehouse to be freed up.

At Maxpack we can help you identify the issues, and provide bespoke solutions that will help your business improve the way it functions.

Another customer came to us looking for a solution to the large range of packaging items they were ordering and utilising, which made inventory management and warehouse space both difficult.

We worked with the customer to refine their range of packaging. Reducing the boxes they were ordering from over 80 different types to 10 which incorporated range. This simplified their packaging making it easier for pickers and reducing the admin needed. They were also able to achieve cost savings as higher volumes in the core range brought reductions in prices. Refining the range and implementing Maxpack DFSM stock holding meant that their warehouse packaging storage went from over 100 pallet locations to under 25.

Multi-Site Stock Management allows clients to redefine how they approach stock holdings and orderings - Minimising on-site stock whilst ensuring there are no out-of-stock panics.
Russ Maxim
Managing Director

Benefits of Multi-Site Stock Management:

  • On-Site Inventory Management
  • Online Portal & Support
  • Streamlined Ordering Process
  • Cost Reduction
  • Online Stock Visibility
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Reduction/Abolition of Lead Times & MOQs


To discuss how we can help your company streamline and optimise packaging systems and storage, get in touch with a member of our team today. We’re always happy to help and assist in as many ways as we can.

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