Cardboard Pallet Boxes

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Corrugated Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Cardboard pallet boxes are a large carton that fits on a pallet. They include a base tray which is stapled in all 4 corners and then fixed down to the pallet, a sleeve which forms the side of the pallet and a tray type lid which is also stapled in all 4 corners to form a secure lid. They can be assembled quickly, loaded with product then securely closed with paper strapping or other types of strapping. These folding pallet boxes are an efficient way to protect products in bulk during shipping and storage.


Why Buy Cardboard Pallet Boxes from Maxpack

Maxpack has a range of cardboard pallet boxes produced in bulk and available to buy in small or large quantities from stock. The sleeve is folded inside the base tray and the lid tray then fits over the base tray saving space, storage and transport costs. These corrugated pallet boxes with lids can then be assembled quickly and easily ready for loading with product. The range starts with a small pallet box to fit an 800x600mm pallet, then a Euro size pallet box to fit a 1200x800mm pallet up to a large pallet box to fit a standard pallet 1200x1000mm.


Eco Friendly Cardboard Pallet Boxes

If you are looking for a sustainable way to ship your products cardboard pallet boxes are an ideal option. The paper used is from a sustainable source and at least 70% of all these folding pallet boxes come from recycled paper. Once used, these cardboard bulk pallet boxes can either be used again, or carefully recycled. They come supplied flat packed, avoiding a heavy delivery carbon footprint. They can also be printed with your name and sustainability credentials to help raise awareness of your corporate environmental efforts. The pallets can be used many times and the timber is sourced from sustainable forests.