Air Pillow Packaging

Air cushion or air pillow packaging is pre sealed film that when inflated with an air bag inflator creates protective pillows or cushions for use as packaging for fragile items or to fill space in parcels to prevent goods being damaged during shipping. The air pockets help to protect the goods from drops, bashes and other shocks and because they are air filled they are very light so don’t add much weight to the parcel thus reducing shipping costs.

Air Pillow Packaging from Maxpack

At Maxpack we work with our customers to identify the right air pillow solution to protect products during transit, to speed up packing and find ways to reduce the amount of single use packaging that is used.We can provide the system which inflates the air cushion material and dispenses it where it is used in the most time efficient way. We can incorporate these dispensers into packing benches and conveyor packing lines so that air cushion packaging can be added in a way that can be either semi or fully automated. We have different formats of air pillows such as air pouches, air tubes and air quilt to suit different applications.

Air Pillow Packaging Reduces Plastic Waste

As most of the air pillow protection is air and only around 2% of the protection is actually plastic it is a very effective way to reduce single use plastic. These air bags can be made from plastic that contains more than 30% recycled content making them a very cost effective and environmentally friendly option to traditional foam or styrene protection. All our air cushion products are 100% recyclable and can be recycled widely in most plastic waste streams throughout the UK.