Label Printer Ribbons

Label printer ribbons play an important role when production managers use a thermal transfer printer. Choosing the right label printer ribbon is essential because the wrong thermal transfer ribbon can affect the quality of your printed labels and may also cost you some money. Label printer ribbons are placed inside the printers, allowing monochrome printing of labels with variables.
They can produce an image that is compatible with several applications and environments. You can find a wide range of label printer ribbons in the market, but the ribbon formula you choose depends on your specific application. If you want to make your printing process smooth and clear, Maxpack offers high-quality Ink ribbons. At Maxpack UK, you can find wax ribbons and resin ribbons at affordable prices.

What is The Difference Between Wax and Resin Ribbons?

Wax ribbons, also known as “resin enhanced wax”, are the most common ink ribbons designed for uncoated and matte coated labels. A small amount of wax and resin inks are melted down and coated onto a PET film to prepare a wax ribbon. Wax ribbons are suitable for light-durable and short-term applications, including storage, retail tagging, and shipping labels.
On the other hand, resin ribbons are highly durable ink resins suitable for some harsh-environment or mission-critical applications. Production managers require resin ribbons for medical device labelling, chemical drum labelling, plant stakes, etc.

Key Features of Label Printer Ribbons Offered by Maxpack

· Our wax and resin ribbons provide better adhesion to synthetic labels for longer life.
· They are quite economical and provide good longevity under conventional conditions.
· Our ink ribbons provide plastic supports while allowing the ink to resist wet outdoor environments, rubbing and mechanical wear.