Knives With Safety Blades

A safety knife is a spring-loaded device consisting of a self-retracting blade designed to open boxes and packaging which retracts back into the body of the knife to prevent accidental cuts. Safety knives help to reduce the risk of knife injuries at workplaces. If you want to buy some reliable safety knives for cutting boxes, Maxpack can provide you with quality affordable solutions.

Maxpack has been providing industry throughout the UK with safety knives for many years. We strive to provide high-quality safety knives that are manufactured in the UK where possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Our products ensure the safety of workplaces and improve productivity. We aim to be your top-rated and trusted industrial products provider in the UK.


Products we Offer at Maxpack

At Maxpack, we offer a diverse range of safety knives, stanley type knives and cardboard cutters; you can buy the appropriate one according to your needs.

Our range of safety cutters or safety knives are designed to cut cardboard boxes, pallet wrap, stretch film, bubble wrap, poly shrink film, polythene packaging, etc. This product comes with a retractable blade and offers another level of safety to your workplace.