Eco Wrapping Paper

Paper rolls and sheets, flat or embossed, are an ideal protective wrap for products that could get scratched or damaged during shipping. It is made from a renewable source and is 100% recyclable making it a sensible eco-friendly choice for surface protection.


Industrial Paper Wrapping

Ideal for use in manufacturing and industry, paper can be used as wrapping, interleaving, stuffing and cushioning. From tough coated and reinforced paper to light but tear resistant machine glazed paper it makes a versatile solution for industrial use in many commercial production and kitting applications.


Retail and Presentation Protective Paper Wrapping

The consumer is demanding packaging that is more sustainable, simple to dispose of and easy to recycle. When sending goods to the end user, paper wrapping makes the perfect solution for presentation and protection as it looks great, has excellent protective qualities, is easy to open and can be simply disposed of with other cardboard waste.


Wholesale Range For Bulk Users

Maxpack stocks a large range of different types of paper wrapping, available to buy online, by phone or by email. We can deliver our sustainable wrapping paper products throughout the UK and our team would be happy to help you choose the right product for your application. We can provide on-site or online demos to help you understand the different products and make the right choice.