Embossed Paper Sheets

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Embossed Straw Paper Sheets

Embossed paper sheets are thick textured papers designed for protective packaging. At Maxpack, we offer high-quality embossed paper sheets at affordable rates. We have been in the market for decades, and we know how to make our customers feel happy and satisfied.

We use 100% recycle and biodegradable materials to provide our customers with the best protective packaging solutions. Our embossed paper sheets are ideal for wrapping gift papers and various packaging purposes. They provide your products with extra protection and cushioning during transit, storage, and shipping.

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Types of Embossed Paper Sheets we offer at Maxpack

We have a range of embossed paper sheets sizes to meet the requirements of our customers.


394x610mm Embossed Straw Paper Sheets

At 130 grams per square meter (GSM), our embossed straw paper sheets offer reliable protective packaging services. They are made from 100% recycled materials that protect your product from damage.


319x319mm Embossed Paper Sheets

They are an eco-friendly and reliable alternative to other protective packaging solutions. They have a perfect thickness of 100 grams per square meter (GSM).


125x125mm Embossed Paper Sheets

This embossed paper packaging solution features a bubble pattern and offers super quality cushioning to your products.


145x145mm Embossed Paper Sheets

At 75 grams per square meter (GSM), this is a durable and lightweight embossed paper packaging solution. They are made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials and are a great alternative to other packaging solutions.


Features of our Embossed Paper Sheets

Environmentally-friendly alternative to bubble wrap
Straightforward and efficient solution for packaging
100% compostable
Ideal for wrapping gifts and other delicate items
Perfect for interleaving between plates and other crockery