Geami WrapPak

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Protective Die-Cut Kraft Paper

Paper protection is essential when pack contents need surface protection from scratches, abrasion and damage from handling incidents. WrapPak paper systems use a patented process to convert environmentally friendly paper into packaging that prevents damage, including surface damage caused by multiple items packed together banging against each other. Geami WrapPak is the combination of a die-cut kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The Geami WrapPak M converter expands or stretches the die-cut paper into a 3D honeycomb structure. This forms a unique wrapping material, by locking angled paper cells together, items can be wrapped securely without the need for adhesive tape or cutting. The converter can be placed at any packing station where individual items require a protective wrap

Geami WrapPak Honeycomb Paper from Maxpack

The ultimate combination of flexibility and ease of use in a wrapping system
The Geami WrapPak, sometimes called hexcel paper, hivewrap, beehive paper amongst others, uses a manual converter which expands die-cut kraft paper into a 3D honeycomb structure. Designed as a manual system, Geami WrapPak M and the Wrap n Go do not need electricity, making it an excellent solution for mid-volume applications.

Geami WrapPak Honeycomb Paper from Maxpack

Speed & Productivity: The innovative 3D Geami WrapPak paper is produced from flat paper on demand and eliminates taping and cutting making it a very quick wrapping solution. It reduces transportation, handling and storage costs, thanks to smaller pre-pack dimensions.
Sustainability: A sustainable, compostable and recyclable alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap. It strengthens brand reputation and is welcomed by consumers as an easy to dispose of alternative .
Unboxing Experience: Outstanding in-the-box presentation and unpacking experience. Geami WrapPak’s attractive interleaf layer enhances branding, including optional colors and custom-printed logos and designs.