Hand Strap Dispensers

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Dispensers For Hand Strapping

A range of strapping dispensers to quickly and safely dispense paper, polypropylene and polyester strapping on card core or plastic core reels. They perform efficient strapping operations when used with automatic hand battery strapping tools or manual tools. These strapping systems provide load stability and security for both parcels and pallets.

If you want to buy some high-quality hand strap dispensers at affordable rates, Maxpack can provide you with the best possible options. We offer a broad range of tools for protective packaging, including polypropylene strapping dispensers, woven polyester strapping dispensers, steel strapping dispensers, and many more for use with both card core and plastic core reels. At Maxpack, we have the right dispenser for your strapping needs.

Types Of Strap Dispensers We Offer At Maxpack


PaperStrap™ Mobile Dispenser for Paper Strapping

PaperStrap paper strapping cardboard core is 200x190mm so the PaperStrap mobile dispenser for paper strapping is a great choice for you. It comes with a plastic toolbox that fits the tools required and the seals for the strapping if used. This strap dispenser has two sturdy wheels making it fully mobile and easy to move around to wherever the strapping operation is being carried out. Made in Britain for quality assurance and reduced carbon footprint.


PSD4 Static Strap Dispenser for Plastic Reel

The static strap dispenser is particularly designed for polypropylene strapping. This tool has a sturdy frame that keeps the dispenser upright.It is lightweight with a handle for ease of moving to where the strap is being used.


MW60 Mobile Strap Dispenser for Oscillating Wound Steel

This mobile strap dispenser works with oscillating wound steel banding, making it easy to move the strap around. The dispenser’s mounted plastic box ensures a safe storage location for your steel strapping tools and seals.


Mobile Strap Dispenser for 200mm Card Core

You can use this mobile strap dispenser for all types of strapping that is wound onto a 200/190 core. This means that the diameter of the core is 200mm and the width of the roll is 190mm. It is an easy-to-use dispenser that ensures efficient sealing and tensioning.


Key Features of our Hand Strapping Dispensers

Cost-effective tools for sealing and tensioning
Strap guide brake
Easy to operate
High quality made in Britain
Ergonomically designed
Contact Maxpack’s team of strapping specialists to get the right high-quality hand strap dispensers for your needs.