Range of Semi-Automatic and Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines provide the ideal solution for quickly securing or bundling products, parcels and other shipments before transit, storage, or delivery. These machines offer additional stability and security to your delivery, join one parcel to another, and fix cartons to a pallet. If you want to incorporate automatic strapping operations or re-visit your strapping solutions, Maxpack’s complete range of strapping machines UK are a great solution. We offer superb quality polypropylene and polyester auto strapping machines that create consistent and secure seals on parcels and packages.

They are ideal strapping solutions over traditional or manual strapping tools. Our strapping machines are fast, highly efficient and designed to save time whilst providing a high quality consistent strap seal.


What Do We Offer At Maxpack?

At Maxpack, you can find a broad range of automatic strapping machines and semi automatic strapping machines. Based on your wants and needs, you can find your desired steel strapping machine at Maxpack.


Automatic Strapping Machines

Our high-quality automatic strapping machines are ideal for high-volume strapping operations. We have a diverse range of automatic strapping machines, including Transpack, Cyklop, Orgapack, Signode, Strapex, Mosca, Evolve, and Optimax strapping machines, high-speed automatic strapping machines, and fully auto strapping machines. These machines are very quick and simple to use once set up.

On the automatic strapping machines you just need to push the button or press the foot pedal to apply strapping to your chosen packages. With the fully automatic versions the machine senses the parcel and triggers the strapping cycle making it a very fast packing solution. Automatic conveyors can also be added so that the machine is incorporated into your packing line for fully automatic packing.


Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

At Maxpack, we offer a range of semi automatic machines, TMS Optimax, Strapak, Gordian and Transpack cabinet strapping machines. Our semi-auto strapping machines require a little more involvement from the operator. The strap needs to be fed around the parcel and back into the machine to trigger the strapping cycle.


Pallet Strapping Machines

Our pallet strapping machines are semi-automatic and can be adjusted by a simple switch, making them operator-friendly, reducing injury risks. They have manual tension and auto tension modes that allow adaptability to any strapping requirements. This saves you from having to bend down and feed the strapping under the pallet and use manual tools.


Features of our Steel and Plastic Strapping Machines

Simple to operate
Compact machines
Include a reel brake for ultimate control