Packaging Tape

What's The Right Packaging Tape For Me?

Packaging tape is an industrial-grade tape intended to close and seal a box for shipment. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, once you think of how many different sizes, weights and shapes of boxes there are out there, you quickly realize that packaging tape has to perform for an extremely wide variety of applications.

Eco friendly tape

Adhesive Types

Solvent? Hot Melt? Acrylic?

First we need to take a look at the adhesive, because, after all, tape is pretty useless without the sticky stuff. And, it’s all about matching the right adhesive to the right box and under the right conditions.

  1. Natural Rubber or Solvent – a strong, aggressive adhesive used for problematic boxes with high recycled content (corrugated dust) and polythene products, irregular surfaces in normal or cold temperatures. Best all round performance.
  2. Hot Melt – For high volume use sealing boxes with low recycled content around room temperature. Not so good for sealing polythene products. Great for automatic case sealing machines.
  3. Acrylic – A popular and economical, water based adhesive, great for sealing boxes and polythene wrapping in normal temperature conditions. Great value all round performance.
48mmx150m EcoTEK 590  Printed Fragile Tape

As you can see, each type of adhesive suits a particular need – whether it be cold temperatures or problematic corrugated. Natural Rubber or solvent adhesive is the most reliable due to its ability to adhere to almost anything even in dusty, very cold or very hot working conditions. Whilst it is slightly more expensive, it is easy to use, you may not need to use as much and you can have peace of mind that it will stick permanently every time. Hot melt is a good adhesive and has a high initial tack so great for use on a machine. One challenge with this product is it doesn’t perform as well when sticking to polythene products, cartons with high recycled content or in dusty conditions. Acrylic adhesive is an excellent economical option but our acrylic tapes have a successful formulation and work very well on most substrates and in ost conditions. The adhesive is also water based so it has the least impact on the environment . If you use large quantities of packaging tape you may well want to consider this option.

48mmx150m EcoTEK 590  Printed Fragile Tape

Thick Or Thin

Avoid Tape Splitting Or Tearing

Now that we’ve covered adhesive, an equally important factor is the film thickness. Tape thickness is usually measured in microns. There are sometime two measurements of thickness – one is the film thickness and the other is film and adhesive thickness combined. The adhesive thickness will give you an idea, based on the quality and tack of the adhesive, of how much adhesion force the tape will exert on the box. The film thickness will give you an idea on the break / shear strength of the tape (in other words, how much weight the tape can hold). More commonly, the packaging tape thickness is a reference to the film only thickness, so you may wish to inquire further to find out the adhesive thickness.

48mmx150m EcoTEK 590  Printed Fragile Tape

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Brown, Clear & Coloured Packing Tape

Packing tape, otherwise known as sellotape, cellotape, parcel tape, box sealing tape or packaging tape is a strip of material used to secure packages and parcels to protect goods during shipping and storage. The carrier can be made from various materials such as vinyl, pvc, polypropylene, polyprop, bopp, polyester or even paper. A large proportion of our polypropylene tape now contains at least 30% recycled content! Its adhesive property can come from various types of adhesive such as solvent, hot melt, rubber, acrylic oy even water activated gummed. This packing tape is available in different standard colours such as buff, brown, clear, transparent, white, red, blue, green, black, and yellow. Standard messages are also available on printed packing tape from stock such as fragile, security, handle with care, glass and this way up printed in red on white tape.


Packaging Tape from Maxpack

Maxpack has a large range of tapes in stock which are produced in bulk and available to buy in small or large quantities.From narrow, light duty packing tape to wide heavy duty, strong, parcel tape there is a packaging tape to suit every application. Brown parcel tape looks great on kraft coloured boxes whilst clear box tape is perfect for white or coloured parcels.


Eco Friendly Packing Tape

If you are looking for a sustainable way to seal and secure your parcels or packing there are sustainable eco friendly options to suit. The most common core size for packing tape is 75mm or 3”, however we have a packaging tape called EcoTEK which has a small 25mm or 1” core. This means that we can fit much more adhesive tape on the roll reducing production wastage, cutting delivery and storage carbon footprint and reducing the waste cores. Certain packing tapes are produced with 30% recycled content which reduces landfill and encourages recycling. Most tapes can be recycled in the correct waste streams.


Branded Packing Tape

There are some famous brands of tape including 3M Tapes from United States, Scotch Tapes by Richard Gurley Drew who received a patent for his adhesive tape on May 27, 1930, Sellotape, sometimes called Cellotape, a British brand of pressure sensitive tape now owned by Henkel, Vibac Tape, a mulitinational enterprise headquartered in Italy, TESA TApes, a leading global adhesive tape manufacturer represented in over 100 countries, Duck Tape which was invented in World War II, Gorilla Tape and of course the famous TEK brand by Maxpack!