Distancing Screening

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Distancing Screening

Social distance screens have become crucial in all industries and market sectors. This practice ensures that all employees are working in a safe environment. You can find several distance screens in the market to maintain the spacing between workstations.

If you want to buy high-quality social distance screens in the UK, Maxpack can provide you with the best options. We offer a broad collection of distance screens regardless of the office or work station space you have. All our distance screens are made from durable material. Being the top-rated seller in the UK, we aim to provide the best distance screens at affordable rates.

Eco Distancing Booth Screen

Our high-quality eco-distancing booth screen comes with stands and corrugated film.

Eco Distancing Screen

Eco distancing screen comes with stands of 250mm and a high clarity film.

Eco Distancing Counter Screen

Our eco-distancing counter screen has a high clarity film and highlights the distance between different workstations.

Eco Distancing Side Screen

Eco distancing side screen also comes with 250mm stands and maintains the separation between different workstations.

Key Features of our Social Distance Screens

Ergonomically designed
Have high-clarity film
Highlights the distance between different workstations
Cost-effective solution to maintain social distancing at workplaces