5mm x 4000m Paper Strap

from £70.25 per pack (ex VAT)
  • Sustainable, recyclable and compostable
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Strong and robust
  • Can be used in certain strapping machines without any adaption

Paperstrap Pro is a fully recyclable alternative to polypropylene plastic strapping. The packaging waste can then be processed along with any other paper based waste packaging such as cartons and paper tape. It is recommended for use with friction weld hand strapping tools, semi-automatic strapping machines and can be also be used in adapted fully automatic strapping machines.  200x180mm Cardboard Core.

  • Sustainable, recyclable and compostable
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Strong and robust
  • Can be used in certain strapping machines without any adaption


Works with



BXT3-16 13mm Signode Automatic Strapping Tool




TMS300 Semi-Auto Strapping M/C 6-15.5mm


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5mm x 4000m Paper Strap
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Paper Strapping

A Direct Alternative For Plastic Strapping

PaperStrap is the 100% recyclable alternative to polypropylene strapping. This revolutionary paper strapping is designed to work with automatic and semi-automatic machines as well as friction weld tools. The transition is seamless and offers an environmentally sustainable solution that eliminates plastic waste.

Paper Strapping is compostable, recyclable and eco-friendly. As polypropylene and polyester strapping is not widely recycled they become likely products to be sent to landfill or worse still they can end up in the hedgerow, rivers or ocean.

Tough Strapping Made From Paper

55kg Break Strain

Patented design and composition of strapping made from paper that is 100% recyclable. It creates a very tough strap and a secure seal.

Paper Strapping Break Strain Maxpack

Easy Disposal

100% Recyclable

Paper Strapping is easy to fold up and can be disposed of with other paper and cardboard to be recycled together. According to the RlSE Research Institutes of Sweden AB following an official analysis of the product: “considering the components, the paper strapping should be suited for recycling in established paper recycling systems”.

Paper Strapping Easy Disposal Maxpack

Strap Bulky products

Hand Battery Strapping Tool

Paper Strap can be used with battery operated, friction weld, hand strapping tools to create a strong and robust security seal and holding force on large bulky items such as pallet boxes and other large parcels.

Strap Regular Parcels Fast

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Your semi-automatic strapping machine will transition seamlessly to operating with PaperStrap. It creates a secure seal and the strapping can be disposed of with the carton for 100% recycling.

Paper Strapping Machine Maxpack

Strap Anything Anywhere

Tensioner & Sealer

Paper Strap performs well when being tensioned with a manual hand strapping tensioner. It can then be secured with a 12mm serrated seal and a hand strapping sealer providing robust protection for your product in transit

Paper Strapping Seal Maxpack

Quick And Easy

Metal Buckle

PaperStrap can be used quickly and easily to secure your product by hand tensioning through a 13mm galvanised metal buckle. the paper strapping can then be recycled with other paper based products and the buckle can be recycled with other metal. Great for reducing landfill of harmful toxic waste.

Tested To Its Limits

Tried And Tested

Our engineers have tested this product thousand of times to make sure it works for you. Paper Strap has been designed to replace plastic strapping without you needing to change your equipment. Contact us to find out if it will work for you so that you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Paper Strapping Tried and Tested Maxpack

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