Geami WrapPak Exbox Mini Set Brown

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Geami WrapPak Exbox Mini Set Brown Dispenser, Brown Paper & White Tissue 229m Length Includes Desk Mounting Kit

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The GeamiWrapPak® Exbox Mini is a disposable box set containing Geami wrapping material, ideal for small businesses, start-ups or retail outlets. Perfect for limited space, the manually powered set measures only 560x180x240mm. The box is supplied with a metal hook and double sided tape for secure fixing to your work surface and weighs just 5kg. Expand the brown die-cut paper into a 3D structure by pulling out the paper, combine it with the white tissue interleaf paper for a professional and secure finish; the Kraft paper protects from shocks whilst the tissue paper protects from scratches. A sustainable alternative to bubble wrap, each set produces the equivalent of 2 rolls of 50M bubble wrap.

Perfect presentation with no tape required
Time saving, easy to tear and wrap
Viable alternative to bubble wrap
Space saving
Fully recyclable
Eco-friendly option