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Ranpak 1 Ply FillpakTT Voidfill

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Ranpak 1 Ply FillpakTT Voidfill 50gsm 380mm x 500m Paper pack

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The FillPak® Table Top converter forms 15″ single-ply, fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar™ configuration that maximizes volume, for fast and efficient void fill material to protect products in shipment. Place a FillPak TT at multiple packing stations to maintain packing efficiency while minimizing material cost and usage. FillPak TT is easily operated by a foot pedal and dispenses void fill material directly into a box, allowing for maximum throughput. Each sheet measures approximately 380mm x 500m and 50gsm. For use with X2004.

Time saving void fill solution
Easy to load, easy to operate
Cost effective
Flexible, minimum space needed
Eco-friendly option