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Quality or Quantity – Why Pick Just One?

Selecting the right packaging products for your business can have a huge impact to your bottom line. However, if you want to get the most out of your packaging then it is important to look further than just the product itself and instead take a more holistic approach. Automated packaging lines are becoming increasingly beneficial to many businesses and can enhance factors such as safety, sustainability, quality and efficiency.

Automated packaging lines use varied machinery at different stages of the packaging process. These include machines that assist with void filling, carton sealing, strapping, labelling and pallet wrapping. The machines chosen depend entirely on the needs of the business and the return on investment that they can offer.


Time is money. For companies that deliver large numbers of goods, switching from manual to automatic packing can dramatically increase productivity, leading to huge savings on labour cost and a faster return on investment. Depending on the chosen product, some machines can wrap, label or fill hundreds of times a minute – far more than staff are able to achieve on a manual basis.


Staff safety is a priority for any business. Automated packing lines dramatically decrease the number of unexpected injuries to warehouse staff, as well as reducing the likelihood of long-term physical harm such as repetitive strain injury, back injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Quality and Efficiency

Through the use of an automated packing line, businesses can ensure the highest level of quality through standardisation. Packaging products manually leaves a lot of room for human error; issues can include over packing or under packing, irregular sizes, inconsistencies and dropped or damaged products. Businesses that use automated packing are able to provide their customers with the same, good quality packaging, time and time again.

Automated packing lines relieve staff of undertaking tasks that are highly repetitive, eliminating the chance of human error. If there is a job that involves large containers – requiring more than one member of staff to pack – or if the task is especially small and meticulous, these too can be completed by an automated packaging line, significantly improving quality and efficiency.


With sustainability working its way to the forefront of the packaging sector, it is vital that businesses consider ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Automated packaging lines allow operators to conduct advanced monitoring – achieving control capabilities that help them to maintain increased uptime for their packing lines, as well as reducing energy consumption, excess waste and the volume of rejected packages.

Cost Reduction

Automated packing lines significantly reduce the cost of packing through volume per minute and standardisation. This, in turn, offers businesses increased flexibility when pricing their product while still offering the best quality possible.

Although the initial investment in automated equipment may seem costly, the fast return on investment that it offers allows businesses to make up this cost relatively quickly.

For start up businesses, investing in automated packing machines means that the number of staff required initially is significantly reduced, saving both time and money. For established businesses automated packing can help to utilize staff more efficiently.

Putting Your Staff First

Automated packaging does not necessarily have to mean putting people out of a job. Such machines aren’t specifically made to replace people, instead they allow businesses to maximise their resources; moving staff away from strenuous and tedious jobs and allocating them to different tasks such as quality control, operations and customer service.

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