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Sector Focus: E-commerce

A Growing Market

We have seen rapid growth within the E-commerce market in recent years; a growth forecast from eMarketer predicted an increase in sales of 23.2% by the end of 2018. This means that the market will account for one tenth of total retail sales and, in turn, grow to be even more competitive than it currently is. For retailers to thrive in this sector then they will need to look beyond just the product itself and create a holistic customer experience that begins as soon as the parcel leaves their warehouse.

Reducing the Risk of Returns

Packaging has become a key part of the E-commerce experience. General customer opinion is that a brand is less professional if their delivery arrives in damaged, plain, poor or boring packaging. This means that a company can spend time and money designing the ideal product but if the packaging doesn’t reflect their brand, then it could risk losing a customer. A bespoke design, built to contain and transport a specific product securely, may seem like a large investment initially, however the Financial Times recently reported that it could cost double the amount for a product to be returned back into the supply chain than it’s initial delivery. Eliminating this expense from the beginning through the use of quality package design, helps to save companies from unplanned financial losses. For e-tailers with no brick-and-mortar stores, their packaging is the first physical contact with the customer so it is important that it represents their brand identity. It is also crucial that they get it right the first time round as returns are not only more costly for e-tailers than retailers that operate from a physical store, but they are also 30% more likely to happen.

The Influence of Social Media

Social media has helped to raise the bar when it comes to retailers creating unique and attractive packaging; with people sharing photos of their parcels and even filming ‘unboxing’ videos. Company’s are able to put their unique branding onto their crash lock box as they are easy to print on – allowing them to offer the customer something that stands out.

Dotcom Distribution recently conducted a study that found that 60% of respondents said that they have shared an image of products that they have purchased on social media when they thought its appearance was nice, as they would with any other meaningful life event. By sharing products with their peers, consumers are actually offering retailers a valuable form of free advertising that specifically hits people within the target market – something that a retailer can often spend thousands on to achieve themselves.

Ensuring a Speedy Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect their online purchases to be delivered as quickly as possible, so e-tailers need to stick to their promise of a speedy delivery. This means using packaging that is quick and easy to assemble is essential. Crash lock boxes are ideal for achieving on-time e-commerce deliveries. They can be assembled quickly and easily; saving the retailer time and reducing staffing costs. The design of a crash lock box requires the opposite corners to be pushed together, allowing the base to lock and creating a fixed and secure container that ensures minimal damage to its contents. This fantastic design allows the end user to assemble the box in one swift and simple action, not only does this save time it also reduces the risk of RSI to employees.

Easy to Store

Crash lock boxes also do not require much storage space as they are supplied in a flatpack form. If storage is an issue then e-tailers should ensure that their packaging supplier has the facilities to keep backup stock, available to deliver on short notice, as running out of packaging can bring a whole supply chain to a standstill.

Minimising Waste

By using a crash lock box design, businesses are able to save on accompanying packaging materials; the design of the box eliminates the need for Sellotape and as these boxes are able to be produced in a bespoke format that is measured exactly to size, this can often mean that the use of void fill is no longer necessary. By possessing a design that does not require Sellotape, the end user is able to open the packaging without damaging the box or any branding that is printed on it. This enhances the customer unboxing experience – customers no longer view packaging simply as a mode of transportation but as an extension of the product. If the package is able to be opened with minimal damage then the likelihood of a customer sharing an image on social media is increased.

Sustainability is now expected by consumers, so by minimising the use of other packaging materials – particularly items such as plastic Sellotape – crash lock boxes are great for promoting environmentally friendly packaging. They are also extremely easy for the end user to recycle; they can easily be folded down and due to not requiring tape, they can go straight into the recycling bin.

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