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Helping organisations meet the government objective to increase levels of recycling and collection of plastic waste and to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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Since 1996 we have innovated with key packaging products to reduce the impact on the environment.

The cost to the consumer and cost to the environment is a major factor when we are developing new products.

Leading Change 2021

The result is packaging that helps the world’s leading companies improve their environmental, ethical and social impact. Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Packaging Customisation for the Manufacturing and Distribution Sectors.

Working to ensure packaging becomes more environmentally sustainable through paper packaging, eco-friendly packaging, reusable packaging and plastic alternatives. Reduce. Re-use. Replace.

Finding New Ways to Reduce Plastic


We need to find and source new ways to reduce the amount of single use plastics that are disposed of each day across the UK.

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Explore and Research Returnable Packaging


Where possible extend the life of packaging by utilising returnable and re-usable products.

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Find Alternative Sustainable Packaging


Find an alternative product that is produced from sustainable raw materials and is compostable or recyclable.

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