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Transition Safely into Winter with Sea Salt

Before the cold weather officially sets in it's wise to make preparations to lower the risk of accidents caused by ice, snow and slippery surfaces on your premises.

Here at Maxpack we want to help your business transition safely into winter and so we’re delighted to announce that Class A White Sea Salt is now available to purchase, it comes packed in 25kg bags and will ensure your outdoor areas are safer during the winter whilst being better for both the environment and your cleaning team.

Purchase Klean-Melt Now

Klean-Melt White De-Icing Salt starts at £9.95, with standard and next day shipping options or free of charge collection available.

How Does De-Icing Salt Work?

Salt lowers the physical freezing point of moisture on the road surface which stops ice forming and causes any existing snow or ice to melt, sometimes surprisingly rapidly! 

When Should De-Icing Salt Be Used?

In an ideal situation, salt would be spread just before the temperature approaches freezing so that it can get to work straight away but it can also be used directly on ice and snow, though we recommend shovelling away larger amounts of snow to increase the salt’s effectiveness. It can also be scattered straight from the bag, saving time if the weather quickly takes a turn.

If it’s to be used in an area with moving vehicles it’s much better to spread the salt when there’s less traffic to avoid the salt becoming displaced before it has chance to do its job in the right places.

It's that time of year when the hats and scarves come out, de-icing the walkways around your business is imperative for employee safety and that's why we're delighted to introduce our newest product, Klean-Melt White De-Icing Salt, it'll make the cold winter pass with less mess and stress!
Neil Plant
Business Development

How Much Salt Should Be Used?

2.2kg of salt will be effective on at least 100 square feet of ground, our 25kg bags will cover you for a single application of well over 1,000 square feet or several applications over smaller areas.

How Long Can Rock Salt Be Stored For?

As long as it is kept dry it will not expire.

Why White Sea Salt Instead Of Brown Rock Salt?

Sea salt’s near standalone ingredient is sodium chloride unlike brown rock salt which also contains sand, grit and other earthy matter. 

Due to its higher sodium chloride concentration white sea salt is more effective at de-icing roads and walkways than brown rock salt and it comes with the extra benefit of leaving virtually no residue behind, unlike brown salt which creates unsightly mud and sludge which is then trodden into cars and buildings creating a mess that takes unnecessary time and effort to clean up.

Is White Salt Better For The Environment?

Brown salt is sourced from one of three mines within the UK whereas white salt is harvested by simply drying out sea water. The salt is generated in hot countries such as Spain where our salt is sourced, salt beds are flooded with sea water and left in the heat of the sun and when the water evaporates the white salt is all that’s left behind.

White salt is considered better for the environment as it does not need to be mined and will return to its original state once the salt has been used during the winter.

Where Can I Purchase It?

Klean-Melt White De-Icing Salt starts at £9.95, with standard and next day shipping options or free of charge collection available.

Want to find out more about how we can keep you prepared this winter? Why not chat to our friendly customer service team to see how we can help. Let’s talk.

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