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Environmentally sustainable industrial packaging products, customised packaging, packing systems and multi-site packaging stock management for the manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment sectors.

Packaging Supplies

Protecting Your Production

We believe in what we do, bringing global expertise within reach. We grow and thrive with our customers, building an experience that is not forgotten.

We understand that you need a reliable supply chain partner who will provide you with the right packaging to protect your products. We supply a comprehensive range of packing including cardboard boxes and sheets from stock and bespoke to order, timber packing crates and pallets, packing tapes and other packaging adhesives, pallet wrapping products and sustainable alternatives, full range of cushioning and voidfil products, protective wrapping materials, strapping and other load security products, a wide range of polythene films and bags, direct thermal and thermal transfer labels, a wide range of post room and despatch packaging, essential workwear, safety products cleaning and hygiene products

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Audit. Advise. Act.

Environmentally Sustainable

In every business sector we need to integrate sustainability into our strategy. We need to look forward and we have to act.

Sustainable packaging is very much in focus today and we have a comprehensive range of innovative new products that help you become more sustainable whilst protecting your products in transit. These packaging innovations include; PaperTEK™ self adhesive paper tape or or AquaTEK™ water activated gummed paper tape; EcoTEK™ packaging tape on a small core with 150m per roll and 30% recycled plastic content; ocean pallet wrap in both machine film and hand film with 30% recycled plastic content; NanoStretch™ high performance machine film using Nano technology to reduce film thickness, plastic waste, improve load holding whilst cutting wrap costs; PaperStrap™ the 100% recyclable paper strap which can be used with hand tools or in paper strapping machines; PC Nets the reusable pallet nets which are an alternative to single use palletwrap; PalletPal™ the reusable load straps with hook and loop fastening or the buckle belt type We also stock poly bags, grip seal bags and layflat tubing with 30% recycled content.

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Design. Stock. Supply.

Packaging Customisation

Leading the way in packaging customisation for corrugated, timber, paper, polythene, foam, tapes, strapping and other materials.

Bespoke and customised packaging plays an important in the way our clients product their products during shipment. It helps to reduce waste and improve protection and is a great opportunity to add value through branding and messaging. Our team of design experts can work with you to design and prototype bespoke shelf ready and promotional to enable you to maximise the opportunities that printed packaging and customised cartons will bring. We have the latest packaging design software and CAD cutting tables to produce prototypes and small run bespoke cardboard boxes. We provide printed tape to give a secure seal to your cartons, printed polythene bags to bespoke size, printed strapping, bespoke foam fittings and other types of customised packaging.

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Design. Install. Maintain.

Packaging Systems and Equipment

Speed up your process and get more done with Packaging Systems. Providing demonstrations, design, installation, servicing and repairs.

Our range of packaging machines to speed up process, reduce the need for more staff and increase output from your packing department includes air bag void fill packaging systems, automatic paper cushioning machines, automatic pallet wrapping machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping equipment and end of line case taping machines.

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Schedule. Store. Supply.

On-Site Stock Management

On-Site Stock management services to help manage customised and standard consumables across single and multiple sites.

We have developed our packaging stock management options over many years to suit the different requirements of our customers. We offer packaging supply through Consignment Stock where we put the stock into your warehouse and we count the stock on site every week or every month and invoice you for you use. This reduces your cash tied up in packaging stock and eliminates the chances of stock outs and so keeps your packing line operating smoothly. We offer On-site Stock Control where we visit the site and manage your stock to agreed levels and send replenishment shipments in to ensure you always have stock of important packaging lines. This frees up your staff to focus on what you do rather than counting your packaging inventory. Scheduled Orders are where you plan your deliveries in advance and we send the stock in to an agreed delivery schedule helping you to benefit from improved pricing and guaranteed packaging stock deliveries. Packaging Call-Off Stock Orders are another way to benefit from bulk pricing whilst reducing inventory levels by calling in the packaging stock as required. Cardboard boxes take up a lot of space in your warehouse so why not make use of our cardboard box stock holding arrangements to free up the space for what you really need it for! Bespoke and customised products such as bespoke cardboard boxes, printed packaging tape, made to measure polythene bags and other branded packaging can have unreliable lead times due to peaks and troughs in manufacturing demand. To make sure you always have the packaging required to protect your products take advantage of one of these packaging stock management arrangements.

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