Machine Pallet Wrap

Machine pallet wrap is a clear or coloured, stretchable film that is used on a machine which uses automation to secure and protect goods on pallets whilst in storage and transit. It is sometimes called machine cling wrap because it clings by itself as the products are being wrapped or machine pallet shrink wrap because it seems to shrink back with the memory in the film.


Machine Pallet Wrap from Maxpack

A range of machine pallet wrap stretch film for sale for securing your products quickly and with varying degrees of automation. These new and used wooden pallets are produced in bulk and available to buy in small or large quantities from stock. Pallet wrapping plastic can be very useful for keeping goods clean, dust free and protected from rain and moisture. can be delivered next day throughout our region within the West Midlands, the North West and North Wales. We also offer shipping to the rest of the UK on a 3 – 5 day service.


Eco Friendly Machine Hand Palletwrap

If you are looking for a sustainable way to wrap your products we have some excellent machine pallet wrap options that reduce single use packaging and pallet wrapping costs. Auto stretch wrap film is produced from LDPE film so is 100% recyclable in common waste streams.