Seals & Buckles to Secure Strapping

Strapping seals and buckles are designed to secure paper, plastic, polypropylene, polyester, and steel strapping at the level you have tensioned the strap. They work together with strapping and strapping tools to help secure parcels and pallets to increase integrity, reduce pilferage and prevent damage.

Look no further if you’re looking for some high-quality metal seals or buckles for strapping. Maxpack has you covered with a broad range of strapping seals and buckles. Our strapping seals and buckles are manufactured in the UK using high-quality material to provide our customers with the best possible options. We at Maxpack have a team of experts dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for protective packaging at affordable rates.


Strapping Seals and Buckles we Offer at Maxpack.

At Maxpack, we have a collection of metal and steel strapping seals to fulfil the strapping needs of our potential clients depending on the strapping tools you use, the strapping being used and the products you are strapping. You can find;


Semi-Open Seals for Polypropylene Strapping

Our semi-open seals are made from heavy duty steel and designed to seal polypropylene strapping at high tension. This seal is quite handy as you just need to place it over the overlapping strap ends and close it with a combination tool or strapping sealer.


Serrated Seals for Heavy Duty Polypropylene & Polyester Strapping

These serrated seals work well with heavy duty straps as they provide more grip and are also easy to use and provide an ideal seal for polyester and polypropylene strapping.


Lap Over Seals for Steel Strapping

Our Lap Over or Lapover seals are designed to work with heavy steel wrapping. Simply place it over the overlapping strap ends and close it with a combination tool.


Key Features of Our Strapping Seals and Buckles

Range of Sizes and Shapes
Perfect strapping stability solutions for irregular shapes
Easy to operate
Efficient sealing